you are all welcome here in my simple blogger .. welcome to teach me or to learn .. welcome to ask or just encouragement comment .. welcome to take or give .. a lot of people inspired me in my work and i am truly sorry if i forget to mention any of of them .. and i hope one day my work will inspire some one for quill.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Just Poster

I think this is an easy kind flower to make i merge the Royal flower and multiple loops and that very easy for all who is new in these method here the tutorial for multiple loop by the creative SUGANTHI  and the Royal flower   by another creative  Asma' Ahmad  i hope u will enjoy the tutorial like i did.


  1. i really don't like the flowers but see your art simply make me love the flowers, how you choose the colors how you design it .. very beautiful <3
    and i'm proud of you for real ^^
    keep going, i'll support you as possible as i can

  2. Your royal flower looks gorgeous!!. Thanks for linking to me.I love your blog.

  3. thanks Suganthi .. and the one who should thanking you .. cos u share ur art with us

  4. This flower has turned out so well! very very pretty!